Richard Sachs


Challenge Tires has proudly supported Richard Sachs cyclocross team for 10 years. Sachs exudes the spirit of cycling, and has a meticulous attention to minutiae of details that parallels Challenge’s own detail-driven handmade process. Like us, he believes a true performance machine must be created individually with care. His cyclocross team is a direct extension of all the values Challenge admires in the Richard Sachs brand and it is a pleasure to continue to work with his athletes atmo.

In addition to a respected craftsman, Sachs is a longtime friend and excellent customer. New for 2013, Challenge crafted customized cotton cyclocross tubulars specifically for the Sachs team with atmo printed on the casing.

Challenge creates handmade tubular and open tubular tires using an artisan process that allows the rubber to retain its natural properties. By avoiding the industry-standard vulcanization process, which requires extremely high heat, we provide tires with the superior grip, performance and comfort required by demanding professional athletes and everyday riders. Continuous research in sophisticated raw materials and production processes make us unique. Challenge offers top-end silk and cotton casings with the highest thread count possible, plus puncture protection and advanced natural rubber compounds for suppleness, safety and strength. Demanding riders who strive to excel choose Challenge.