Richard Sachs

The Chiu Family

It takes a team of dedicated folks behind the scene to succeed in cyclocross. I have had the pleasure of witnessing The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team mount successful campaigns season after season for more than ten years. They excel not only at the races, but also in the game of life. What makes it special is the dedication by the tight knit racing family that “makes difference in each other’s lives.”

Just as in cyclocross, it takes a great team of support for one to succeed in life. My father Chiu Chia-Sheng, whose Taiwanese name Hill Family Victory decorated The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team racing kit for seven seasons, was the leader of that support for me. My mom Emily, along with siblings Dolly and Frank, my wife Madeline and children Wayland and Kaitlin provide me with strength to persevere. My uncle Chiu Chao-Yen and his wife Ling treated me like their own son, and my cousins Iris Chiu and Victor Chiu selflessly made room and shared their parents with me. My extended New Jersey family was there to cheer me on along the long road to a rewarding career in medicine. Having them not only made it easier but especially meaningful.

Through my affiliation with Richard Sachs, I came to appreciate Richard’s approach to his frame building. It has inspired me to adopt similar approach in my career to provide not only the best, but also continual refinement of my craft to be better each day forward.

Thank you Richard Sachs and thank you Chiu Family. Forza Team!

Rex Chiu