Richard Sachs


Since Cino Cinelli began making frames and components in 1940, Cinelli has set the standards of bicycle design. Under the direction of Antonio Colombo since 1979, Cinelli has led the evolution of professional cycling and defined the ideal of the classic bicycle: from the Supercorsa racing frames to the Mash pursuit-style track bikes; from innovations such as the first plastic racing saddles to the controversial Spinaci handlebar extensions, banned from competition; and from timeless components including the Alter stem to iconic meetings of art and design such as Keith Haring’s treatment of the hour record-setting Laser.

In 1982 after the visit of an inventive supplier who proposed the use of a new industrial vinyl material called EVA for the production of handlebar tapes, Antonio immediately was triggered by the idea of the colors. He imagined something more magical for the cyclist and asked the supplier the possibility to experiment cork material into EVA and try different colors. The experimentation took long time, since cork is not elastic as EVA is and bar tape needs to be elastic enough to be able to be stretched tightly across the bar. A lot of work has been done on perfecting the proportions and trying to achieve the right balance of materials. Eventually the perfect level was reached and the final product to sell came to a breakthrough in 1986 with 8 colors: it’s been an overnight success. After that everything just blew up and more and more colors and different materials and styles were made.

For 2013, Cinelli is excited to be an integral part of the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team’s list of sponsors. All of the new bicycles will sport the new Cinelli’s Volée handlebar tape, a material we are confident will prove optimum for the rigors and demands of a long, hard cyclocross season. Forza Squadra Atmo-Issimo.