Richard Sachs

Cole Wheels

To be the most innovative product is the driving force for Cole despite its humble background.

Cole was established in 2004. The next year began with 2 models running the sales out of a partner’s home office in Valencia, California. It was a multi-cultural product: Japanese hand-drawn concept, US engineering for prototyping, Taiwan production. We are now staff of nine that is always multi-tasking from QC to Engineering and testing; the main operation is in Taiwan, close to manufacturing; there are 3 service centers worldwide: 2 in Europe and 1 in the US.

The DSA system is now at second generation, thanks to RS sensei teaching “Because technology alone is a poor substitute for experience”. Cole will never compromise product integrity, yet weight reduction has always been the on-going challenge.

An exciting news to share entering 2014, Cole arrives lean and mean this year! (T38, under 1.25kg; T50, under 1.3kg). Thanks again to Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team for the seamless collaboration and patience since day one. Special thanks to Richard for staying true and keeping this journey real!