Richard Sachs


In 2014, Wippermann celebrates 120 years of manufacturing bicycle and industrial chains. Wippermann is almost as old as chain-driven bicycles. The founder, Wilhelm Wippermann, manufactured his first chain because he was dis-satisfied with a chain that kept breaking on his son’s bicycle. The company has been making the best chains in the world ever since.

Connex is the bicycle chain division of Wippermann. More than 80% of Wippermann’s business is in the production of industrial roller chains for heavy industry, automotive, and materials handling. The company is renowned for high quality precision manufacturing using the strongest steels and best manufacturing processes. Just as one looks to Germany for the best -engineered and most dependable cars, industry looks to Wippermann for the best roller chains. Indeed, Wippermann is a key supplier to the Germany automobile industry among numerous others.

Wippermann brings all the manufacturing expertise gained in industrial manufacturing and their long experience with bicycles to the manufacture of Connex bicycle chains. Connex chains are the strongest and longest –wearing chains in the market. Their famous tool-free Connex master link allows users to install or remover the chain by hand. This allows convenient chain maintenance without the risk of weakening the chain.

Connex is very pleased to be the official and exclusive supplier of bicycle chains to the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. From more than 6 years, the team has used Connex chains without incident — quite a feat for any chain under the punishing conditions of cyclocross racing!