Richard Sachs

Crank Brothers

…and did I mention mud?

Cyclocross. The word alone is enough to make your heart rate pickup a few beats. Cross racers are their own breed of cyclists. They are passionate beyond reason, obsessed with their sport, and more fun than just about anybody out there. At crankbrothers, we love cyclocross athletes, and we especially love that they were among the first to truly adopt our pedals.

The eggbeater and candy pedals have become synonymous with cyclocross. As I mentioned, cross racers know a thing or two about mud, and they demand products that can withstand the abuse of mud, power washers, and the typical mayhem of a race. That’s why they turn to crankbrothers pedals. The open design creates the best mud shedding pedal available, not to mention they are extremely lightweight and beautiful.

We are so grateful that the cyclocross community embraced our pedals in the beginning, and that they continue to support our brand so much. It’s humbling to think that over 65% of the athletes at the 2013 Cyclocross National Championships were riding crankbrothers pedals. What’s even more humbling is that those riders included the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team.

Richard Sachs is a passionate man with high standards and strong opinions. He is the type of person who you trust when he says a product is good or bad. He believes in quality. What could be a better testament to our pedals than saying they are ridden and approved by Richard Sachs and his team?

We are honored be a partner of the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team because we know they demand quality. The fact that they are high quality racers on top of that is the icing on the cake…or should we say the mayo on the frites? After many years of working with this talented and passionate group of athletes, we eagerly look forward to another season of pedaling some of the most incredible frames in the industry.

Hup hup, Mr. Sachs, and thank you for being a longtime supporter of crankbrothers.