Richard Sachs

House Industries

Richard Sachs is a modern one-man industrial revolution who embodies all that is right in the world of bicycle building and in any enterprise for that matter. It may be a long wait for one of his bicycles, but his philosophy and ideals are accessible to everyone right now. That really resonates with us. By sticking to his roots while remaining continuously engaged with the bicycling world, Richard walks the fine line of resisting the weight of the business and making it better at the same time. So one might ask what Richard Sachs, his bicycles and his cyclocross team have to do with fonts and design, and we would answer “everything.” We’re proud to be part of the 2013 program and we’re looking forward to riding along with BrittLee, Deb, Dan, Dan, Richard and Buddy as they ding, dent and dirty up our pretty little letters and fancy colors.