Richard Sachs

Joe Bell

I am the painter of all Richard Sachs bicycle frames and have been for 27 years. This must be some kind of record, but the collaboration does not feel stale. Richard trusted me to make his bikes shine on the recommendation of another painter, even though he had never heard of me.

Almost three decades later, that trust is as strong as ever. Unlike most marriages, there have been no fights, only focus on making the bikes look and ride as good as possible.

The Richard Sachs CX Team frames have been my field test for new paint products and procedures since the beginning of Richard’s involvement with ‘cross. We have been able to learn much over the years with feedback from riders and mechanics in the most punishing conditions bicycles are likely to encounter.

The 2013 edition of the RSCX Team frames look simpler and cleaner with a new graphics package and are a departure from the now ubiquitous flamboyant red. As much as I liked the old look, the new one feels like a welcomed change. I have hand mixed the new color to a shade that all of us on the design team find appealing and complementary to our new decal style. The color is based with DuPont Imron toners that are no longer available but have been stockpiled. I expect the durability of the paint job to be as good as ever and welcome the riders to not baby the bikes one bit.

We don’t have much of a cyclocross culture in San Diego, and my only exposure to CX has been a wild night at ‘CrossVegas several years ago, but the excitement of the crowd and the great time we had there was unforgettable. I can understand the anticipation Richard harbors all year long waiting for the end of August when the team bikes are all lined up with their new parts groups and fresh wheels.

Someday I will travel East during the fall and watch some of the racing and see firsthand how the RS ‘Cross Team rolls. The professionalism and preparation I have only seen in photos will be obvious, but I will look forward to getting in on some of the fun I see in every snapshot.

I expect to be the last painter of Richard’s bicycles, and that seems to suit both of us fine. There are no heirs apparent to this endeavor, so we both continue to do this as long as we are able, knowing that we have created something that will be remembered and talked about long after we’ve departed.

I look forward to the public rollout of the 2013 Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team and hope the CX public likes our new look as much as we do.