Richard Sachs

Mad Alchemy

Mad Alchemy produces a line of handcrafted, all natural, cyclecentric body care products, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and most fresh product possible. Created in the spring of 2008 as an experimental project, attempting to create something better than what already existed, Mad Alchemy sought to produce a petrochemical free, vegetable based embrocation with soul. We tested our products on the battlefields of the New England Cyclocross Track, and developed a strong grassroots following, while refining both the product line and process along the way. Today, Mad Alchemy is a purveyor of the world’s finest handcrafted skincare products. We’re still family owned and very much small business (there are only two of us). There’s no interest to expand beyond our capacity. We truly appreciate where we are, what we have and love the ability to control our environmental impact by managing our small but powerful engine. Richard Sachs, as a company embodies who Mad Alchemy is. A Yankee, DIY attitude and appreciation for what’s before us are the most important driving forces behind our company. Mad Alchemy is excited to support the RSCX Team in 2013!

Mad Glossary:

Embrocation: Warming balm or salve massaged into the legs, low back and shoulder blades before a ride making less than ideal weather more tolerable.

Chamois Cream: All natural cream used on saddle contact areas of the body to help reduce friction. Crafted using Essential Oils known to combat bacterial and fungal growth for a more hygienic experience while riding.

Ride fast, Stay shiny.