Richard Sachs


In cyclocross, it could be argued the most integral of all actions is between pedal and shoe. The dismount must be clean, the remount must be smooth and re-entry into the pedals must be effortless: a fluid, articulated motion in a sea of mud, detritus, and chaos… followed by a satisfying click of cleat engaging with pedal. Northwave has proudly sponsored the Richard Sachs team for five years with its line of mountain bike shoes. Northwave and Richard Sachs share similar ethos in regard to design, creation and an overarching philosophy that encompasses not just cycling but life itself. You can never compromise what you believe in. We believe in the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team because of their endless passion for a sport and the effort they give for it. Life, death, cyclocross. These things are all intertwined for them and we are proud to give them the literal and metaphorical platform to help them achieve what they need. The Richard Sachs team uses our Extreme Tech MTB cycling shoes for all of their races. Featuring thermoweld construction, integrated heel systems and the most trusted closing system on the planet, the Extreme Tech is the ultimate in form and function. Here’s to another great cyclocross season with Richard Sachs! Non bisogna fare le cose a metĂ !