Richard Sachs

Selle San Marco

Based in Rossano Veneto, this small town in northeastern Italy is famous for the production of racing saddles. Luigi Girardi was the man who made Rossano Veneto the undisputed world capital of saddles by opening Selle San Marco in 1935 with a 100 lire loan. San Marco saddles rapidly became popular among pro riders. Fausto Coppi built his Campionissimo myth aboard San Marco. At the height of his career he won the Giro d’Italia for the fifth time and, in the same year, Coppi also became World Champion.

San Marco has always been involved in bicycle racing and supporting the top pros in the peloton, both for proving new designs as well as supporting the sport. But the quiet world of Selle San Marco changed in the 1970s when Luigi Girardi created the saddle that made today’s saddles possible. When the Concor Supercorsa was unveiled, it caused a sensation in the cycling world. It was the first saddle to offer a “waved” cockpit and road racers loved it. The brand became the point of reference for cyclists, not only professionals but also amateurs, who chose the handmade saddles produced by the Rossano Veneto company for the high quality, the comfort and the great performance.

Through the LeMond era and into the present, Selle San Marco has supplied (and riders have demanded) saddles from San Marco. >Example, the notorious Lance Armstrong insisted on riding an un-labeled Concor Light throughout his career, even though he was sponsored by a competitor.

Today, San Marco continues its tradition of sponsoring the world’s best athletes, both for the exposure it generates and feedback that can only be gotten from the crucible of competition.

San Marco is proud to sponsor the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. We hope you’ll visit the Selle San Marco website to learn more about San Marco and the saddles we produce.