Richard Sachs


I saw my first Richard Sachs, the same year I bought my first SILCA pump: 1990. It was this beautiful bicycle that would also be my first experience with the Campagnolo Toolbox, something only brought out of hiding when bicycles of this caliber were in the shop! I’ll never forget my sense of wonderment with the whole experience. I still remember the smell of paint and steel as well as the smell of grease and the feel of the knurls in your hands as each Campagnolo tool was so carefully removed and then replaced in that wooden box.

When I purchased SILCA in 2014, the memories of this bicycle and that feeling of wonderment were solidly in the forefront of my mind. My vision of the new SILCA was a combination of high technology materials and engineering combined with old world craftsmanship and attention to detail that SILCA had been known for since it was founded in 1917. Today, we build the world’s most accurate, dependable and durable pumps right here in Indianapolis, one at a time, by hand, to the absolute best of our current knowledge and experience.

The opportunity to work with the Richard Sachs CX Team is truly a dream comes true, and in many ways a dream come full-circle. Collaboratively we strive to expand our knowledge and improve the products we are creating while improving the experiences of the cyclists whose lives we touch. Like that first SILCA pump, that first Richard Sachs frame or that first time opening the Campy toolbox, we aim to build tools (and experiences) that are as functional and desirable 25 years later as they are today.