Richard Sachs


The year was 1992. I was on my 10th year of pedaling and some clown thought it was a good idea to break into my garage and steal my bike- a one year old red Tommasini I had built and loved very much. Post police report (waste of time since no one gets their bike back), I bounced over to the Wheelsmith in Palo Alto, CA to repeat the process I just went through the year before. Same bike, same everything…

At least that is what I thought going through the front door. The next thing I know, I have a salesman with just enough crazy eye in him walking me over to a frame on the wall that he clearly wanted to talk about. There was something going on with the way he delivered the Richard Sachs story. Pure form, traditional ethics, steel. Modern design and materials were dominating the dialog back then but I am an old soul and loved what I was hearing about this one man band back East. An hour later, I am on the “fit kit” getting measured for my own frame! A year after that, I got the call. “Your frame is here,” said crazy eyed salesman. The rest is history and I still ride that bike two decades later with more pride than the day I rode it home.

Richard Sachs’ old world appeal resonated then and is even more relevant in my life today. The things around us should be more than pretty to look at. They should be incredibly functional, durable and most importantly, should have a feeling about it that goes a bit past the words we dig up to describe them.

It is an honor and a privilege for us to know that the RS crew will be wearing our jeans in their daily walk!


Pete Searson