Richard Sachs

The Athletic Community

Julie Krasniak: With a background in bike racing that goes back more than a few generations the cycling thing took hold at an early age. Then the French Federation got a hold of her and the rest is history. Or it was until she decided to break free from those chains and light out across the pond. A few National Titles later and no one is questioning her commitment to the bike. It is the art and design sensibilities that we have been wondering about. Where did they come from and how did she get to be so stylish? Oh wait, she’s French.

Jeremy Dunn: First it was basketball. Then baseball and a little running. Then, it was mountain biking. After that a whole bunch more running which morphed its way into cycling. What a nerd. Sport nerd. Then a whole bunch of years passed helping tell stories around that brand we all know and love. (We are still technically in the same building.) Then a freak accident with a pair of socks got this whole ball rolling and we’re back to playing every day.