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Sam O'Keefe

Sam O’Keefe

Hi, I’m 21 years old (!), grew up in Baltimore, and started racing cyclocross about ten years ago via mountain biking. I have one more year at Middlebury College in VT, where I study geology and geography, focusing on paleoclimate reconstructions of usually the past 10,000 years. Hobbies include grocery shopping, reading, and Cuban music.

The most important part of racing bikes for me is maintaining a steady perspective on things; deep devotion to the sport while refusing to allow a race to define me as a person. A cyclocross race is not a laboratory. Sponsorship transcends slapping neon logos on your face. Dedication and emotion first, results second. Winning doesn’t make you a hero.

I’ve raced all over the US and Belgium, and a world championships in Czech, but no ‘team’ has ever felt as cohesive as this one, no matter how ‘well-oiled’ they boast to be. A weekend with RSCX is to be in the company of like-minded individuals in regards to what’s important in life and in bike racing. Time spent together, not weighing seatposts. Dinner conversation on a race weekend doesn’t dwell on the race itself after it’s time. Refreshing after weeks in school, or moments of self-doubt in a ‘bad’ race.

I’d love to be on the Wheaties box or the Muppet Show one day, but until then UCI cyclocross fills the void. I’m honored to be wearing these colors and riding a bike painted to match my eyes. Who gets to say that these days? Speaking of paint, Georgia O’Keeffe has two F’s. Unrelated.